Творческая биография

Alexey Afanasiev (Alex Rushin)

Born 13.08.1975 in Pushkin, Russia, now - resident of Tenerife,
1990 -1991 High School of Music in Moscu MKPU, Russia,
Profile Classes : Percussion, Composition
Teachers: Alexander Jusupov - Composition, David Felzmann – Percussion
1991 - 1992 Production and co-direction of culture events of of Centre of Art " Russj" in Moscow and meanwhile participation in various musical project in Moscow and in Russia.
3 Place in International Festival in Sochi, Russia with Song "Hello, Moscow"
2 Place in Festival of Young Pop in Gorky Park, with Song "Star Islands"
2 Place in Radio Europa Plus with the Song of L.Timoshenko „Snow Angels“ as the Singer & Performer meanwhile - Various TV – Shows & Tournees across the Russia.
1992 - December - Invitation from International Youth Christian Assotiation of Germany for the contract with the own musical project „ Jesus Loves You“.(Itune, Amazone)

During his more than 15 years living in Germany, and since 2004 being bounded with partially time contract in the local branch of the music Company “KOCH -UNIVERSAL” as a composer. Charismatic person and performer - Alex Rushin was successfully collaborated with Coryphées of Pop – as Fancy,Reiner Thielmann, Peter Graf, Alan Silson, Tony Marshall, Andrea Lamar, Ruki Ruki Verh, Belij Orel, Mirage and many others.

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